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I do a lot personal writing so a depth and truth can come through and into my days. This helps me understand life and the sensitivity of it and within me. Becoming vulnerable at the core of myself enables me to keep in the appreciation of life and the gift that life is. Being a conscious creative expression is life coming from Source itself. For me this is accessing the love and grace that is life. Engaging in relationship at it's purest form and depth. Exchange in our souls to express and create the unique blue prints that we have as individuals by staying in union and appreciation that we are all one.
Expressing my soul to unify through form is a gift I feel which enables a deeper part of life and passion to be apart of my days. Coming from joy I am coming from the lighthouse of life.
Continuing to embrace the depth in life to know these Truths and freedom expressed in form.
Truth comes from the soul and expands to allow an existence of wisdom, creative freedom and Grace.
Inspiring through a deep respect for beauty, grace and freedom.
Opening creatively in myself and for life.
Inspiration becomes aspiration. Aspiration is an open energy directing me to share the essence purity from inspiration.
Compassion for life within is a space of Peace and freedom is found for the world to aspire unity.
Realisation of walking within and being these energies opens an ease of elegance through my body. I look to be these explorations and energies through all that I do.
Within this art of self-expansion and self-expression my hearts soul extends into life's soul.
Uniting great purpose and presence within all that I breathe.
The purpose of life is to be in the Presence of life.
Living and being in the moment.
All else that comes from this space is a gift.
Each individual has a Truth that is connected to the absolute Truth.
It's our choice how we wish to take part in the individual processes of life. To connect or not connect into the wonder and joy that is the beauty of life.
Be yourselves and know the power you have to be unitied is life's wonder

Hope my images convey these Truths


Current Residence: Melbourne/Australia
Favourite genre of music: indi
Favourite photographer: Ruth Bernhard
Favourite style of art: graceful/elegant/fine art nude
Personal Quote: Breathe Grace into Presence
I am a Melbourne/Australia based model. This profile is a collection of mainly artist nude photography that represents 8 years of me creatively expressing through my form.

* More images on my - MODEL MAYHEM account
                                                Tumblr account   :
                                                model mayhel  :
                                    REDBUBBLE account:…

Thankyou for viewing my profile and pictures


Sydney March / April
Sydney July

*Happy to travel anywhere that there is enough interest; so that expenses can be covered)

Available for payed work. I don't have a 9-5 job. This would make it easier in saying yes for giving of my time for tf based shoots. My jobs are my passions and I live through these to create and live by my heart. Thankyou for understand and for all your support.
Consideration if the TF is for genuine exposure opportunities, commerical, work for publication/submission magazine or on-line

warmest regards

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Life-takers-crayons Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Thank you so very much for the fav :)
Jo1177 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
pleasure.. love it :)
Life-takers-crayons Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I'm so flattered :)
Life-takers-crayons Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Yet another one for you :) Hope you like it and as always a huge thank you from me :) life-takers-crayons.deviantart…
Jo1177 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
yay thank you. always a huge thank you back! :happybounce: :) (Smile) 
Life-takers-crayons Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
You are very welcome I can't thank you enough :) Hope you're well and being kept busy in the modelling world. I look forward to seeing new works from you :)
Jo1177 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Im a bit behind with all my images.. will put more up soon.. Glad you are looking forward to it :)
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Awesome-O Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
I've adored your pictures. Full of vulnerability, vitality, soul, introspection, emotion, beauty, warmth... Your willingness to bare yourself beautifully through picture and written word easily endears.
Jo1177 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
Thankyou, touching reading all that you have written about my page. Beautiful words which I love to display in what I do as a model. Very grateful and grateful you can sense this. Thankyou again.
Awesome-O Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
Beautiful being your words or mine? Either way is great.

The gratitude is definitely mutual, as I'm definitely grateful for your beautiful pics that present your gorgeousness, clothed or otherwise, in a meaningful and thoughtful light that fills the soul. I might be echoing Tony Ryan on this, but he's definitely on point. Nudity is too often misappropriated, done without meaning or shed in a bad light. (If there's one thing I would concur with others on, it's often best used with discretion.) From nymphs innocent, playful and teasingly seductive yet loving, enchanting aquatic naiads (love the work with d-eye btw!) of similar natures, all the way to amazon guardians, and possibly composite cases, the image of the nude female can coexist with goodness.
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